We love what happens when people let their magic loose on the world. A Booda Baby t-shirt - a lot of karma and all cotton - is a one of the coolest ways you can set it all free! Tees in red are currently available only by request.

peace, baby: l

Sometimes it feels like we'll only get a little peace if we march right up, pounce on it and wrestle it to the ground. Of course, then there's 'Peace, baby' - the one way that actually works. Peace will come when we just choose it.


We have quite a few wild pun-slingers among us (sometimes, we cannot make them STOP) and while Ruta-Booda-baga Baby made us roar - well, we DO know restraint. Peek-a-booda, though, was a gem. How great would it be if we never lost the thrill of discovery? Enlightenment. It starts early.

have a little booda, baby:

It always feels like a gift to ourselves when we do something good. You'd think we'd make it a habit, but we can't even remember to put it on a to-do list. We know. Bad management. 'Have a little booda, baby' was a good place to start. Gentle, gentle. We don't want to get too blissful too fast.
bliss me, baby:

We can't decide which we like better: bliss me, baby or it's a yin-yang thang, baby. Truth is, we're not racing to make up our minds. Kind of luxuriating in the slow and easy. Wait a second. That's not Booda Baby! That's Proud Mary!
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